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Trilliant Capital Innovative investing

Trilliant Capital

Innovative investing


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We provide access to innovative technology and long term value to our investors

Our extensive experience in Equity Markets allows us to understand opportunities, hedge risks and deliver high rates of return in different market conditions. The continuos research in the disruptive technology world allows Trilliant Capital to be a pioneer firm and lead their investors to accelerate their objectives.


About Trilliant Capital

The launch of Trilliant Capital wants to bring a new idea of investment to the community through a proprietary platform based on big data and Artificial Intelligence software. Some of the sectors in which we invest are related to AI, energy, blockchain, IoT, health and safety. The name of our firm origins for the need to bring “brilliant” investments by following three main pillars of our vision: excellence, disruption, happiness.

Our innovation

Our Vision



Excellence is the key factor on which is based our research driven approach, cutting edge technology and team of expertise.


Disruption is our passion for evolution and revolution that can leave a significative mark in the mankind.


Happiness is what we want to bring to our investors and communities through the way we invest.

Our presence in the UK, Switzerland and Italy can reach the different cultural needs and guide the investors to take the appropriate strategic investment.

Any investor will receive an outstading service in order to have detailed reports on the performance of the investment and on the economical, technological macro environment.


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An opportunity to become concious of the money flow, the strategy, the path for financial growth and happiness.


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